Supply Chain Network Optimization

Using sophisticated simulation processes, our engineers determine optimal numbers, locations of facilities and aggregate network flow paths.

In a rapidly changing world, supply chain network optimization is an important element for lowest-cost end-to-end decision-making support. Our engineers can help you attain a strategic understanding of your entire network and the different interactions within it to achieve the most effective results.

Key benefits:
o Optimized network;
o Improved cost efficiency;
o Better lead time and order fulfillment rates;
o Flexibly re-deploy network when supply and / or demand changes;
o Identify supply chain performance opportunities, proposing alternative scenarios for better decision-making;
o Well-defined programs to minimize total supply chain costs for given service level requirements and other business constraints.

Let our engineers put you in a position to make more confident decisions; whether it is broad strategic decisions, medium term planning decisions or network tweaking.

Transportation Design

Our engineers optimize your operational planning for better, smarter supply chain transportation decisions

Optimizing your transportation and distribution network can minimize transportation costs for any given service level. The process, however, can be complex. Powered by comprehensive software tools, our logistics engineers conduct in-depth analysis to implement a new redesigned end-to-end transportation solution.

Our services:
o Freight consolidation;
o Mode or carrier selection;
o Load optimization;
o Mode shift analysis;
o Common carrier and dedicated fleet modelling;
o Network optimization;
o Carbon footprint modelling.

Benefits to your business
o Lower transportation costs;
o More efficient site selection and network planning;
o Greater sustainability;
o Increased efficiency;
o More precision when making decisions.

Whether global or local, our supply chain engineers will help you find the optimal transportation and distribution model for your current and future needs.

Road freight

A leading LTL and FTL network of trucks, terminals and drivers with outstanding service quality and on-time performance

Logi Linq has the process controls, infrastructure and fleet required to provide high-calibre services. Around the globe, our freight management team directs the movement of thousands of shipments, 365 days a year, using an integrated network of premium carriers. Our buying power and sophisticated optimization systems result in competitive rates, faster transit, capacity that flexes to meet volumes and better visibility for your shipments. We can design and manage customized solutions to maximize supply chain performance.

Our entire network is secure and ADR-compliant, operating with the latest technology and a world-class safety record. In addition, we can support regulatory compliance by tracking customised key performance indicators, engaging the proper carriers and other service providers.

Our services:
o FTL;
o LTL;
o Parcel;
o Wet and Dry bulk;
o Reliable, out-of-hours service

Ocean Freight

Our global network keeps your freight moving between countries and continents, fully compliant and documented

The challenge of cost-efficient ocean transportation is the planning, tracking and delivery of cargo from origin to destination. Logi Linq can help you offering multiple sailings, end-to-end shipment tracking and a wide variety of value-added services. By using the most reliable and secure global carriers, we offer different ocean freight options, various sailings, end-to-end shipment tracking and an array of value-added services at competitive rates.

Ocean services from Logi Linq include Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments worldwide. With dedicated weekly sailings serving different trade lanes, we offer broad coverage, superior reliability and better control. Utilizing premium ocean / land transportation providers, you can be sure of predictability, on-time performance and seamless routing. We can consolidate your goods with other customers if there is insufficient cargo for a full container.

Air Freight

Logi Linq alliances connect you to worldwide air freight service networks and offer flexible options with reliable delivery service.

Logi Linq has the global network and relationships with air freight carriers that will get your time-sensitive shipments delivered reliably and efficiently. Not only that – we also offer a variety of innovative intermodal options that combine air with ocean and truck transportation for cost-effective, door-to-door delivery.

Customers value our:

o Air freight consolidation services with full visibility
o Door-to-door pick up
o Time-definite service levels
o Attractive pricing
o In-house custom brokerage expertise
o Single point of contact with experienced professionals
o Automated status-update system
o Strong security

We deliver tailor-made solutions to ensure the fastest possible transit for your shipments, delivering exactly what you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

Intermodal Transportation

Proven performance and market experience for efficient, effective long-haul rail and short-haul road services

Inland transportation via intermodal road and rail movement of goods and materials provides efficiencies and effectiveness. This plays a vital role in meeting delivery schedules and reducing bottom lines, while reducing carbon footprint

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Supporting the environment and playing part in the wider global community

These programs include:

o Optimizing shipment routes and the overall logistics network to reduce our customers' carbon footprint
o Modal conversion opportunities to utilize greener transport modes such as sea compared to air, and rail to road
o Partnering with underlying carriers that have environmentally friendly fleet operations
o Developing analytical tools such as carbon calculators and dashboards that help customers quantify the benefits of sustainability efforts
o Reducing energy consumption and general waste throughout our operations

At Logi Linq, responsible environmental management is a corner stone of our operations. We are committed to protecting the environment in all our activities.